Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery


I love blogging about food and I love blogging about beer.  You know what’s even better??  Blogging about food AND beer! My husband and I recently attended a Beer Dinner hosted by Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery.  (That’s Lee on the right with Larry Geaghan/Owner – Notice the cool “Geaghan’s” Shirt.) Okay, “Macro” breweries may have […]

Easter Eggs

Hard Boiled Egg

The best Easter eggs start with the perfect hard-boiled egg.  But, how does an egg get to be perfectly boiled without that green ring around the outside and that smell of, well, rotten egg? The first thing that you need to do is start with some really fresh eggs.  Always check the outside of the […]

Maine Mud Cake


Mud Pies?  How about Mud Cake?!   Maine Mud Cake that is!  Inspired by my favorite Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream – Muddy Boots. My son and I visited the Bangor, Maine Gifford’s Ice Cream Stand this past Friday on opening day.  What’s crazier than a bunch of Mainers waiting on long lines outside of a business in freezing […]